a little bit about me

my name is aminah and i've been making internet things officially since 2009. First there was Wordpress, no code, just web design, along with other HTML/CSS projects. Then there came the programming part later on down the line, starting with Ruby and Ruby on Rails & Sinatra. I currently mostly build with JavaScript and its frameworks and libraries, with a little bit of Python and Django at work.

Speaking of work, I currently work full time at Gitcoin, which is a crypto DAO focused on helping communities fund their shared needs. What we're building enables communities to pull in the resources necessary to build a regenerative society on a global scale using blockchain. Cool right?!

I work in the Passport workstream, where we're continuously iterating on a decentralized digital identity app that allows users to create a passport of various web2.0 and web3.0 credentials, which then allows them to prove they're a human, which then allows them to be able to participate in various web3.0 experiences, such as Gitcoin Grants (built with the Allo Protocol).

We also recently launched another product, the passport scorer, where organizations can create various communities that will allow them to score the passports of their community members to make sure they meet certain credential criteria to be able to participate in community activities.

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